CALIPER aims to train PhD students that will be comfortable with operating at the nexus of different fields. To achieve this, the CALIPER training program will go beyond isolated academic or industrial research projects and expose students to the expertise accumulated in a wide variety of industrial and academic sectors. The philosophy behind the CALIPER PhD training is threefold: they serve (1) to provide project-specific training and knowledge of the appointed researchers; (2) to give the researchers a broader perspective of the research field in relation to complementary work, technology transfer opportunities and subsequent development and application; (3) to equip PhD students with selected general professional skills (ethics, communication, networking, presentation) that complements material offered in graduate school courses.

To this end, CALIPER will organize four training schools in the period 2020-2023. The schools will serve all CALIPER PhD students. Some of the training will be done in conjunction with training from parallel ITN Mathegram.


Caliper and Mathegram have developed a MOOC for anyone interested in understanding granular materials’ behavior better. The MOOC focuses on providing basic training in Discrete Element Methods. These DEM methods are computer-based methods that nowadays have predictive power on how granular materials flow. DEM methods are for example used to calculate the optimal shape of a rotating drum, a silo, an extruder of a particle grinding machine. The MOOC is free to use and re-use, with its flexible CC-BY license.