CALIPER aims to train early stage researchers that are comfortable with operating at the nexus of different fields. To achieve this, it is essential to go beyond isolated academic or industrial research projects and expose students to the expertise accumulated in a wide variety of industrial and academic sectors. CALIPER achieves this goal by hosting students in a stimulating consortium with teams from large and small internationally operating companies and a diverse group of established and upcoming academic experts. Many collaborations already exist among the proposed CALIPER consortium partners, while exciting new connections are also envisioned in the consortium dynamics. Expertise available in the consortium is broad, ranging from experimental soft matter physics, complex fluids, geomechanics, fluid dynamics, computational physics, computational suspension dynamics to powder engineering. At the same time, the students enrolled in CALIPER will get exposed to the working environment of leading industries in the field of computer aided engineering of granular materials, computational materials science, foods, glue applications, ceramics and many more. The complete list of CALIPER participants can be found below.

Wigner Institute
Tamás Börzsönyi

Twente University
Devaraj van der Meer

Anke Lindner

Université Grenoble Alpes
Cino Viggiani & Edward Ando