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Scientists do not operate in a vacuum; they need to interface with other scientists and the wider society. This interfacing requires a broad set of professional skills such as self-reflection and writing, and networking and presentation skills. Importantly, many scientists operate in an diverse professional environment, so being able to navigate this diversity effectively is essential. Of course the students in the Caliper network will receive some of this training from their academic mentors. However, the Caliper network also provides the students with training in these skills from an international team of three coaches and trainers. The trainers call France, Spain and USA home. More information on the trainers can be found below.

Association Bernard Gregory

ABG is a non-profit organization with an experience of 40 years in PhD career development and recruitment, especially by fostering their intersectoral mobility and by promoting their skills ( as well as their added value for companies. As a unique organization in Europe involved in different EU-projects (COFUND, ITN, Interreg), it connects research labs, companies and PhDs (job board and CV-database). ABG is also an active member of the Euraxess network.

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Amani Said

Amani Said is on a mission to empower PhD students and young research in launching their dream careers and leveraging their PhD to make a real impact.

She completed her PhD studies in Developmental Biology at the Max-Planck Institute in Dresden, Germany.  Today, she is applying 16 years of experience as a scientist and educator to train, coach and empower scientists in achieving their career goals.

Having been in the shoes of a PhD student, she has has designed an online career coaching program specifically designed to support students and postdocs to make a successful career transition. As a result of taking the program scientists create a strong professional identity, gain clarity about their skills, values, goals and which career path is ideal for them. As well as learning all the necessary career development tools, such as networking, communication and job search strategies to launch a dream career.


Heidi Scott Giusto 

Heidi Scott Giusto, Ph.D. delights in helping job seekers successfully navigate career change. She owns and operates Career Path Writing Solutions, a communications consulting firm that she launched in 2013 shortly after graduating from Duke University with her PhD in History. Heidi holds certifications in resume writing, interview preparation, and empowerment coaching and sits on the Certification Committee of the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches. A frequent speaker and workshop facilitator, she is also Adjunct Professor of Professional Development at North Carolina State University in the United States.

Heidi understands first-hand the uncertainties that accompany a career transition. For a dozen years, she worked to become a history professor, but halfway through her doctoral training, she realized she wanted something different: rather than write history, she wanted to help people create their own, forging their careers. Whether working individually with clients, teaching a cohort of students, or delivering a single workshop or presentation to busy working professionals, she approaches everything she does from the perspective of an educator who is thoroughly committed to helping people in two of the most important areas of life: their careers and financial security. She’s forged her own path and is honored to help others do the same.


Nicole Sharp

Science communicator Nicole Sharp is an expert at making science interesting and understandable. Ten years ago as an aerospace engineering PhD student at Texas A&M University, she established the FYFD blog to celebrate fluid dynamics – the physics of everything that flows. Since then, she’s built an audience of more than 350,000 readers and had her work featured by The New York Times, The Guardian, Die Welt, Wired, and others.
In addition to blogging and making videos on her YouTube channel, Nicole runs her own company, sharing her expertise in crafting scientific narratives with researchers, companies, and students. She’s delivered more than 40 invited talks, lectures, and workshops, with clients including Harvard University, Stanford University, and the United States Military Academy. She particularly enjoys helping scientists tell their stories through video.
In addition to her PhD, Nicole holds a Master of Science from Cornell University and a Bachelor of Science from Case Western Reserve University, both in aerospace engineering. She lives with her husband, Joseph Shoer, in Denver, Colorado, where they enjoy cycling, skiing, and playing board games.


Katrina Brink

Online particle cooking class
Katrina Brink is a sustainable culinary instructor with a passion for sharing her love of world cuisines and cultures with you! As the owner of The Empowered Kitchen, she offers boutique Online Team Building Cooking Experiences for corporate or non-profit teams and individuals. She has 8 years of cooking instruction experience, and her M.Sc. in Agriculture, Food, and Environment from Tufts Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy in Boston. 

Katrina teaches you how to make seasonal, plant-forward dishes more sustainable, delicious, and internationally inspired! Classes are online from her home kitchen in France to your home kitchen anywhere! Her goal is to help you become a more empowered home cook, and can even teach you how to meal prep, so you spend less time cooking each week. 

She makes each class practical and fun for all skill levels, and is continually learning so she can keep sharing with you. 

Katrina is so excited to welcome you into this wonderfully flavorful world of connection through cooking!


Scott Franklin

Dr. Franklin studies geometrically cohesive granular materials, a particular form of soft matter that shows dramatic entanglement. He is also interested in the dynamics of student learning in physics, as well as how physicists associate meaning with mathematical expressions.
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