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Scientists do not operate in a vacuum; they need to interface with other scientists and the wider society. This interfacing requires a broad set of professional skills such as self-reflection and writing, and networking and presentation skills. Importantly, many scientists operate in an diverse professional environment, so being able to navigate this diversity effectively is essential. Of course the students in the Caliper network will receive some of this training from their academic mentors. However, the Caliper network also provides the students with training in these skills from an international team of three coaches and trainers. The trainers call France, Spain and USA home. More information on the trainers can be found below.

Association Bernard Gregory

ABG is a non-profit organization with an experience of 40 years in PhD career development and recruitment, especially by fostering their intersectoral mobility and by promoting their skills ( as well as their added value for companies. As a unique organization in Europe involved in different EU-projects (COFUND, ITN, Interreg), it connects research labs, companies and PhDs (job board and CV-database). ABG is also an active member of the Euraxess network.

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