The CALIPER network has a clear desire to reach out to the wider community of non-specialists. In order to promote communication between the scientific community and the general public, CALIPER scientist will engage in various online and offline activities. CALIPER output will appear for example on Instagram (caliper_itn) and via Twitter channels (@dcs_computing, @CaliperITN) and this website with for example videos of 3D experimental data and simulations that can be used in educational material. Science outreach is also a natural hobby of the scientists involved in Caliper; for example, they have already been involved in the following science outreach events:

Improving Granular Materials Handling by Combining 3D Imaging and Computer Modeling

Klokhuis Vragendag

Virtual Sandbox

Semana de la Ciencia

Pamplona Planterio

European Researchers’ Night

Fête de la science

Kennis op Straat